In keeping with the 2014 CTiBS Telebehavioral Health Competency Task Force agenda, the task force has written a series of telebehavioral health (TBH) competency-related publications, including an interprofessional telebebehavioral health competency rationale and framework, followed by a variety of peer-reviewed journal articles in a range of professional journals and books. Chair of the Task Force, Marlene Maheu PhD said, “We are delighted to not only work as a team to develop the broad-base applicability of TBH, but also to continue expanding our author team to new members of CTiBS from different professions, settings and now, languages.” The publication list below comprises the CTiBS author team’s current work to date.

Please Note: Many of the original, full-text articles are available for FREE through the CTiBS blog postings announcing the article’s release.  These articles are available for sale through their publishers. Springer Nature’s web portal for the CTiBS’s journal is located here: JTiBS

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