CTiBS Early Career Telehealth & Technology Grant


The purpose of the CTiBS Early Career Telehealth & Technology Grant is to support early career behavioral health professionals who focus their work and experiences on telehealth and technology-based clinical innovations, projects, and research.

Funding Amount

CTiBS will allocate a maximum of $500.00 for the grant. Depending on the proposals received, CTiBS may award the grant to one person (for total of $500.00) or two individuals ($250.00 per awardee).

Application Criteria

A panel of reviewers will evaluate grant applications based upon the following criteria:

CTiBS Membership Requirements

Only confirmed CTiBS members’ applications will be eligible for grant consideration.

Application Requirements

The grant application must include the following content:

Submission Instructions

Application Due Date

The grant application is due March 1 of the annual grant cycle, by 11:59 pm ESTLate applications will not receive consideration

Notification of Grant Winner(s)

Recipient(s) of the grant will receive notification and acknowledgment via CTiBS platforms by April 1 of the annual grant cycle.

Contact Information

Applicants may contact CTiBS at ctibs.contactus@gmail.com with questions regarding the Early Career Telehealth & Technology Grant.

On behalf of the CTiBS Grant Committee, we look forward to receiving your application!

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