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Telehealth & Technology


The purpose of the CTiBS Early Career Telehealth & Technology Grant is to support early career behavioral health professionals who focus their work and experiences on telehealth and technology-based clinical innovations, projects, and research.

Funding Amount

CTiBS will allocate a maximum of $500.00 for the grant. Depending on the proposals received, CTiBS may award the grant to one person (for total of $500.00) or two individuals ($250.00 per awardee).

Application Criteria

A panel of reviewers will evaluate grant applications based upon the following criteria:

The applicant must be an early career professional (i.e., master’s or doctoral-level professional within one to ten years post-graduation) employed in a behavioral health field (e.g., behavior analysis, counseling, marriage and family therapy, psychiatry, psychiatric-mental health nurses and nurse practitioners, psychology, social work).
The applicant’s behavioral health involvements evidence experiences or contributions to exploring telehealth and technology options in clinical practice, professional projects, and research.
The applicant must also meet the following criteria: (a) is a current CTiBS member and (b) has not previously received the CTiBS Early Career Telehealth & Technology Grant.

CTiBS Subscription Requirements

Only confirmed CTiBS members’ applications will be eligible for grant consideration.

Application Requirements

The grant application must include the following content:

Resume or curriculum vitae showcasing behavioral health education and experiences.
Evidence of at least two (2) telebehavioral health publications with DOI or publication link.
Cover letter sharing interest in and suitability for the grant.

Submission Instructions

Compile and save the application materials into one (1) Word or PDF document as follows: “CTiBS Early Career Grant + Applicant’s First and Last” (example: CTiBSEarlyCareerGrant-JaneSue).
Submit the compiled application items via ctibs.contactus@gmail.com with the following subject line: “2024 CTiBS Early Career Grant Application: [Applicant’s First and Last Name]”

Application Due Date

The grant application is due June 7  of the annual grant cycle, by 11:59 pm EST. Late applications will not receive consideration.

Notification of Grant Winner(s)

Recipient(s) of the grant will receive notification and acknowledgment via CTiBS platforms by July 1 of the annual grant cycle.

Contact Information

Applicants may contact CTiBS at ctibs.contactus@gmail.com with questions regarding the Early Career Telehealth & Technology Grant.

On behalf of the CTiBS Grant Committee, we look forward to receiving your application!

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