CTiBS Board of Directors

Marlene Maheu, Ph.D., Executive Director & Current President
Kenneth Drude, Ph.D., Secretary
Karen Wall, EdD, RN-BC, OFS, LMFT, Treasurer
Donald M. Hilty, M.D., Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Technology in Behavioral Science
Karen Wall, EdD, RN-BC, OFS, LMFT, Social Media Coordinator

CTiBS Steering Committee

Wayne Roffer, PsyD
Brittany Bice-Urbach, PhD
Erica A. Abel, PhD
Shawna Wright, PhD
Albert “Skip” Rizzo, PhD
David Luxton, PhD
Eva Hudlicka, PhD
Eve-Lynn Nelson, PhD
Fred Muench, PhD
Martha Banks, PhD
Pat DeLeon, PhD, JD, MPH
Ray Folen, PhD
Richard N. Landers, PhD
Richard Shuster, MSW, MA
Rob Glueckauf, PhD, Interim Member-at-Large
Timothy W. Brearly, PhD

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