Ready, Willing, or Able to Use Technology?

Mobile behavioral health is already in our collective “hip pocket,” with applications to help us track our exercise, to measure our sleep patterns and to remind us to take our medications. Daily practice consists of reviewing text messages, emails, pictures or videos brought into clinical offices by clients and patients who bring their mobile devices to ask for help.  Clinical students are utilizing eLearning platforms to collaborate without being hindered by the barriers of distance. Additionally, artificial intelligence, electronic medical records, avatars, robotics electronic and personal health records, and “big data” are of importance. Each of these innovations represents the undeniable change that must be recognized and shape by the values of our shared professions. In response, a dedicated group of behavioral CTiBS professionals has collaborated to advance best practices in the development and use of technology as academics, practitioners, scientists, and policy-makers. In doing so, they have filled a void and captured the support of thousands of their colleagues across behavioral disciplines.

Driven by an esprit-de-corps that transcends traditional profession-specific boundaries, culture and geography, this passionate group of professionals has worked together since 2011. Their non-profit 501(3)(c) exists as a California entity known as the Coalition for Technology in Behavioral Science (CTiBS). As an interprofessional, international organization, CTiBS is dedicated to creating and supporting a vision of galvanizing the potential of technology to create proactive interventions that are accessible to the behavioral community worldwide.

The mission of the Coalition is to:

(1) provide to behavioral professionals with interests in technology a forum for exchanging information and developing knowledge through research,

(2) communicate knowledge through education and training,

(3) apply knowledge through services to the public, develop, maintain, and advance behavioral science in the public interest,

(4) advocate for and encourage the development of new technologies and applications that promote behavioral health.

(5) learn about existing and emerging technologies, share this information and promote it's legal, ethical and professional use on behalf of improved education, research, and practice,

(6) promote research that includes the cost-effectiveness of existing and emerging technologies and applications to accomplish specific goals related to practice, health promotion, and treatment, education and training,

(7) collaborate with other professional organizations with mutual interests to promote the responsible and effective use of electronic health record systems and health information exchanges to support person-centered care while respecting the privacy and security of individual persons,

(8) and support cooperation and inclusiveness with respect to all existing and emerging technologies and those who seek to develop and or to use them ethically and professionally.

Examples of initiatives developed by CTiBS include:

  • Founding, publishing and disseminating the Journal of Technology in Behavioral Science (JTiBS), a journal dedicated to the timely publication of research related to technology and human behavior.
  • Research, development and dissemination of interprofessional telebehavioral competencies for behavioral health professionals to define and ensure best practices.

If you share the international, interprofessional vision advanced by CTiBS, please contact us and let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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