How Can CTiBS Help You?

To stay current in 21st Century behavioral care, behavioral science professionals and practitioners need to accommodate to a rapidly evolving economic climate, technological growth and healthcare requirements. CTiBS then, provides a forum for students, early and late career stage professionals to:

  • Learn from each other, explore and collaborate
  • Develop and promulgate technology-related policies and procedures across disciplines
  • Use and development of behavioral and health care technology

CTiBS then, has been formed to provide support to support professionals at all stages of career development who want to use technology AND those who develop innovative technology across:

  • Behavioral science disciplines (e.g. psychology, psychiatry, social work, research)
  • Settings (e.g. academic, individual practice, health care)
  • Applications (practice, science, education and policy)
  • Activities such as assessment, intervention, handling emergencies, research, education/supervision, and professional training.

About Us

CTiBS is an inter-disciplinary group dedicated to fostering the legal and ethical use of evidence-based technology in behavioral science. We serve as a focal point for individuals interested in technology and behavioral science to collaborate with outside health and non-health-related disciplines.

CTiBS mission:

TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Email; Interactive Voice Response; Remote Sensing; Social Media; Training Technology; Wireless Technology; Telephones (e.g., mHealth, Mobile Phones, Text Messaging); Video Conferencing

HEALTH IT & INFORMATICS: Big Data; Controlled Vocabularies (e.g., ICD-10); Decision Making & Support; Data Mining; Health and Personal Health Records; Electronic Data Privacy, Security & Integrity; Health Information Exchanges; HIPAA; Information Storage & Retrieval; Interoperability

COMPUTING METHODOLOGIES: 3D Imaging & Computer Simulations (e.g., Gaming, Avatars, & Virtual Worlds); Artificial Intelligence; Microcomputers; Natural Language. Processing; Robotics; User Computer Interfaces (e.g., Computer Vision Tracking, Haptic Interfaces)

OTHER TECHNOLOGIES: Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine

See the CTiBS identified areas of focus for a comprehensive view of the many disciplines we represent.

Why Should I get Involved?

CTiBS is committed to including undergraduate and graduate students, interns, residents and postdoctoral fellows as well as early career individuals (i.e. those of you who have completed a graduate degree within the last 7 years).

Joining CTiBS may be a great step in the right direction no matter where you are in your career. Joining us offers you the opportunity to meet and to network with colleagues across the United States and even globally who are dedicated and enthusiastic about technology in behavioral health care.

How can you get involved?

As a member, you will be given regular opportunities to engage with us and each other; receive a copy of our exciting journal, the Journal for Technology in Behavioral Science;  invited to attend our in-person meetings; and kept apprised of our various activities throughout the year. If you’d like to be even more involved, you will be invited to form or participate in a special Task Force, contribute to our blog, be a roving reporter, contribute to our website, support us through social media, or send us your creative suggestions for how you can help us grow.

Join us by becoming a member.

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